A bit about the maker

Karolina-Anna Hajna- Ceramic Artist and Tea Shop Owner


My name is Karolina-Anna Hajna, I'm the person behind the pieces you have come here to check out.

I spent much of my summers as a child hiking and camping on the Gulf Islands of BC, exploring tidal pools and uncovering rocks to see what was underneath on the beaches. 

Which in hinesight is probably why I can't get away from being endlessly inspired by the the ocean and forests.

When it comes to how I came to getting my hands dirty with clay for my career I guess I have a couple fualse start stories before I fell for the material in a way. The first was at a weekend community centre program that my parents enrolled me in when I was about 13 or 14. Lets just say that throwing on the wheel has never been my favourite way of working with clay because of this class. The teacher day very little patience for insecure shy girls and I had no coordination. I vowed never to touch clay every again.

Fast forward to when I was about 20 and needing to take a ceramic