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New Blog + Mini Photoshoot!

Guess what, I've decided to start a blog and this is the very first post!!

The goal will be to blog at least once a week about whats new and exciting in my artistic practise and maybe a post once in a while about a fellow creative or event. Who know where this will go!

So to start us off, I'd like to welcome you all to my website + blog. I really hope you like it! Its still an ongoing process but when I get the time or just need a little break from the studio I'll be working away on this. I'm also getting ready to updating the online shop so keep your eyes open for another post soon with information on that.

Next order of business, I had a photoshoot of the New Mini Sphere collection done earlier this month! Some of those photos have been doing the rounds on social media but now you can view the collection photo shoot HERE. The photos were taken by a wonderful friend and fellow Ceramist, Katherine Grey.

The Mini Sphere Collection is inspired by underwater sea coral, plant life, and my interest with light and shadow. Each piece is slip cast, with coloured casting slip and then hand carved to create that personal touch and texture. Sometimes will I mix two or three different colours into one casting to get a marbling effect. They are now available at almost all of the shops on the stocklist and will be available on the Etsy shop very soon.